Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can reduce system operating costs by placing the right amount of light where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

An effective controls system can reduce both the amount of power required by the lighting system and amount of time it operates, reducing both sides of the energy equation (Energy = Power x Time). This can translate to a number of economic benefits, including lower energy charges, lower demand charges and, depending on the power provider and controls strategy, advantageous utility rates.

According to the New Buildings Institute, lighting controls can reduce lighting energy consumption by 50% in existing buildings and by at least 35% in new construction.

Energy Savings

Depending on the characteristics Nowadays IoT wearable devices get more and more popular, as we tend to make more use from things we wear. If you want to get data from various devices collected and processed, Kaa is ready to offer the best solutions! of the space to be controlled, energy savings as high as 90% can be realized through use of occupancy sensors, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Occupancy area Energy Savings
Private office 13-50%
Classroom 40-46%
Conference room 22-65%
Restrooms 30-90%
Corridors 30-80%
Storage areas 45-80%