CDPHP Energy Efficiency Project Nets Significant Savings & Environmental

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CDPHP and Energy Efficiency

CDPHP partnered with American Energy Care, Inc., to redesign its lighting plans and provide a turn-key project which saved CDPHP $154,315 in energy costs over a twelve month period and greatly reduced energy consumption.

CDPHP is pleased with the results of an aggressive energy savings project that was designed to cut costs and reduce
the company’s environmental footprint.

A study following an overhaul of lighting efficiencies at CDPHP shows the company saved over 600,000 kWh which helped reduce energy costs and greatly reduced its environmental impact.

In 2011, CDPHP partnered with American Energy Care, Inc., which designed the Energy Conservation plan and installed a computerized lighting system.

The state-of-the art system includes dimming sensors, automatic shutdowns, customized lighting, an offsite monitoring feature, hotspot identification, and the ability to harvest natural sunlight. Since the partnership began, CDPHP has removed 2,500 light
bulbs from its Albany, NY headquarters and reduced energy consumption by 40 percent. kilowatt hours, equivalent to
taking 600 cars off the road or saving 4,700 trees from being cut down…and adding up to a powerful return on

American Energy assessed the property and delivered on all aspects of the turn-key project, which benefited from over
$180,000 in incentives from National Grid and NYSERDA.

“CDPHP is proud to be doing its part to cut costs and become more environmentally friendly,” said Wayne Alger, facilities director, CDPHP. “As a community-based health plan, this is one of the many things we’re doing to provide affordable health care and keep our environment clean for generations to come,” added Alger.

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