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Energy Optimization Methods

At American Energy Care, we provide business minded energy strategies appropriate to your objectives and resources.

We look at ways to improve the energy efficiency of your facilities and equipment and help you to get the most from your energy dollars. As part of AEC’s comprehensive energy analysis, we establish energy usage benchmarks for your operations and recommend strategies for meeting those benchmarks.

By optimizing energy usage, you are investing in your operations, improving aesthetics, boosting net operating income and helping your bottom-line.


Guaranteed Savings

An Energy Optimization Agreement is an agreement between American Energy Care (an energy services company ESCO), and a facility owner under which the AEC engineers and implements facility improvements at no up-front cost to the owner.

AEC guarantees the owner a minimum level of energy savings from energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits and helps the owner secure financing based on that guarantee. Over the contract period—typically 5 to 15 years—the savings from reduced utility bills are used to pay for the capital investment in the equipment, the installation and related financing fees. Afterward the facility owner retains 100 percent of the savings to use at its discretion. Owners of numerous facility types, including schools, hospitals and manufacturing and government entities, have used performance contracting as a low-cost, low-risk way to improve facilities.

Benefits of Optimized Energy Solutions

  • Cost Savings: Savings of 20 percent to 40 percent from installation of energy-efficient equipment, which quickly pays for itself. Updated systems reduce maintenance, operations and energy costs, and harmful emissions.
  • Improved Environment: Building occupants enjoy improved lighting, better air quality and more comfortable temperatures. Studies show that improved occupant comfort increases overall productivity.
  • Fiscally Prudent Energy-efficient equipment lowers utility costs: Optimized Energy Solutions demonstrate fiscal responsibility because savings can be redirected to other facility projects and critical operating needs, such as new computers or new production lines.