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Trend IQ System Architecture

Trend Control Systems offers you the ability to view and manage buildings from anywhere in the world.

AEC Controls Brochure

There are multiple ways to reduce energy consumption in your building, but where do you start? What steps can you take today that will deliver fast, meaningful, long-term results?

Encelium AEC Brochure

Technology-based lighting controls have been a major focus of industry-wide innovation, and the latest step forward comes in the form of the ENCELIUMTM Energy Management System (EMS) from OSRAM.

Trend AEC Brochure

We’re part of a company you already know and trust—and today we’re part of an even bigger organization. We represent Trend’s established IQ product line, which was acquired by Honeywell International in 2005.

AEC Informational Brochure

Whether you’re ready to upgrade an existing facility, begin new construction, looking to lower your costs or simply improve comfort and productivity in your workplace…it’s time to rethink your approach to energy.