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Energy Controls

At American Energy Controls (AEC) we understand the growing needs of the building automation industry.

With technology changing almost daily, customers are faced with building management system obsolescence within a couple of years of the original installation.

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The management and control of modern buildings grows ever more sophisticated. A Building Management System (BMS) must be tailored to suit each customer’s specific control requirements. It must provide efficient HVAC control, coupled with flexibility to accommodate changes in occupancy status and staff relocation at short notice while simultaneously delivering improved comfort conditions. A BMS must also provide real-time management information and control, enabling customers to achieve significant energy savings.

Energy Analysis and Energy Sustainable Solutions

Save NowWith an on staff Certified Energy Engineer (CEM) American Energy Controls can analyze our customer’s energy usage and requirements, identify the equipment and processes that consume the most amount of energy and provide cost effective solutions to reduce that energy consumption. With our Energy Optimization Solutions program, we focus on the no cost/low cost measures first that will gain the greatest amount of energy savings with very little investment. This allows our customer’s to reap the rocketpaper.net benefits of energy savings to assist with some of the solutions that may have a higher upfront cost to implement.

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Intelligent Building Automation Systems

It is well known that energy costs are rising and the real estate market has slowed, yet the “Green” movement continues to push on. These are the reasons that Building Automation is being adopted around the world. Building automation system network architecture is becoming the standard instead of the exception.
Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting an existing building, AEC Controls can help.

What is building automation?

Lighting WarehouseBuilding automation integrates building systems such as lighting, security, HVAC, energy management, and life safety, by connecting them to a common backbone with a centralized common user interface where all systems communicate with each other to maximize building efficiency.

How does building automation work?

In a traditional building, unrelated systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and life safety have their own controls and sometimes different cabling. In an automated building, all of these systems are integrated with the use of a common network infrastructure or a common backbone. This backbone allows these integrated systems to “talk” to each other. The data from these systems is delivered to a monitoring interface that can be accessed via the internet for 24/7 monitoring.

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