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Price Chopper

Project Overview: Price Chopper began at the turn of the century under a different name. In the early 1970’s, the company became Price Chopper and quickly established itself as a high quality discount supermarket. Today, the company has stores throughout the Northeast and each store includes a pharmacy, custom-cut meat shops, and several other innovative departments.

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Conserving the environment has been a major priority for Price Chopper for many years. The company was a leader in establishing the system that is currently being used to redeem returnable bottles in New York State. As a part of the Energy Star Building Challenge, Price Chopper has been an Energy Star Leader for improving energy efficiency in buildings. Before building new stores in Colonie, NY, Essex, VT, and Middletown, CT, Price Chopper searched out the best ways to implement energy efficiency in its new buildings. They utilized Jamie Thompson of AEC, Inc to help them achieve this goal.

American Energy Care, Inc. has been bringing energy saving solutions to commercial and industrial businesses for twenty years. Located in Albany, NY, the company installs various lighting and energy projects, having saved companies over $152 million since 1991. Recognizing the potential of Encelium’s ECS software in lighting control, Jamie and AEC, Inc. reviewed Price Chopper for control by Encelium.

Unlike most other lighting control offerings, Encelium’s ECS was designed from the ground up as an integrated lighting control and energy management system that delivers the shortest possible payback from energy savings. Encelium’s Polaris software allows Price Chopper to collect data on each of its six energy management strategies and increases the company’s ability to monitor its environmental impact.

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