Building Improvements

Improving the energy performance of buildings and facilites requires managing energy strategically across the entire organization.

American Energy Care provides strategies, expertise, professional implementation and energy savings to help you meet your goals and to contribute to ENERGY STAR’s nationwide challenge to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities.


Generally, there are three levels of HVAC optimization solutions. At AEC, we design a solution to meet your objectives based upon our observations, the data we collect and your internal goals and restrictions. Based upon that, we will devise a solution to meet your objectives.

The three levels of HVAC solutions typically include:

  • System tune-ups: monitoring and adjusting existing systems based on current facility – dampers, valves and review of control logic
  • System retrofits: retrofitting with new, more efficient designs. Reconfiguring central plants, variable speed drives fans and conversions to variable volume system
  • System upgrades: replacing outdated and inefficient equipment as needed – boilers, chillers and rooftop units.

HVAC Mechanical Equipment Solutions can include: replacing aging/inefficient equipment, changing heating or cooling fuel sources (steam, electricity, gas, oil, renewable), Adding heat recovery, Boiler/chiller, Steam system, VAV conversion.

Building Envelope Services

  • Increase wall/roof insulation
  • Reduce air infiltration
  • Window treatments
  • Replacement windows
  • Air shield installation