Lighting Design

According to the EPA, lighting accounts for 30-72% of the energy consumed in the typical commercial building.

Efficient LightingEfficient, appropriate lighting is a major factor in all successful and cost-effective facilities. Upgraded, energy efficient lighting systems can reduce excess heat and energy use and can improve lighting quality, thereby increasing occupant comfort and productivity.

LED LightsBut with all the types of lighting and lighting technologies out there, how do facility professionals choose the correct fixtures, bulbs, and arrangements? One approach requires a thorough and accurate assessment of building occupant needs as they fit into the confines of the facility’s budget.

In addition, the proper selection of lighting entails knowledge of lighting system characteristics, knowledge and experience of the changes in an extremely dynamic industry. An industry that has seen more change in the past 5 years, than in the 50 years before. Lighting is everywhere, and critical to what all teams need to do. Lighting costs money (energy) operate – creating a savings opportunity, but it also is an opportunity to improve productivity, higher sales, more successful operations, or a more accurate shipping and packaging experience. Lighting influences every business opportunity or challenge. Lighting influences every aspect of what we do. Making the right decisions in lighting, saves you money, and more importantly, assists your business in functioning at a higher level!

Additionally, lighting education, knowledge and experience are important when considering any local, state, and federal energy regulations and codes. These can include minimum CRI (color rendering index) and lumens-per-watt ratings; the more lumens per watt produced by a light source, the more efficient that light source. But in todays lighting, there are many other critical factors, to delivering the proper solution to todays businesses.

We Can Help

Save NowSince 1991, AEC has been designing energy-efficient lighting systems to help facilities in the private and public sector save energy. We have also helped hundreds of customers take advantage of state and federal incentive programs to implement energy efficient lighting, which often can be paid for out of the energy cost savings

Our lighting experts have direct experience in, and a deep understanding of, the commercial lighting industry. Through our relationships and participation in the industry, we are able to help organizations develop sustainable strategies to improve lighting quality while reducing energy costs. AEC delivers high ROI, while also improving your business and your team and clients environment.

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