Solar and Renewables

AEC believes Solar and Renewable Energy is a component of being energy intelligent. AEC can illustrate the simplicity of moving forward, and the economic advantages of doing so.

Solar turnkey installations and designs

In working with AEC’s solar divisions, you get the benefit of years of experience in both energy efficiency, and Solar and renewable energy engineering and construction.

AEC has been designing and installing Solar energy systems for years, creating the first installations of many kinds with unique engineered designs, or standard ground mount or roof mount systems – whatever the client needs. Partnering with AEC for your renewable systems installation delivers the reliability and proven results you deserve and expect.

AEC, using its 4D process:

  • Secures the site, evaluates, and reviews options.
  • Financially reviews the costs, incentives, tax advantages and rates.
  • Works for you, not any one provider.
  • Engineers and designs the systems.
  • Provide or achieve financing if you require it with our menu of finance options.
  • Installs the systems, with professionalism, and management.
  • Secures the results, and monitors/maintains your benefits and savings.
  • Assist you in the Green Image you deserve if you want to promote it.

Contact us to learn more about our 4D process, and how you can benefit from energy efficiency, or renewable solutions.

Your work is minimized, your results are maximized due to our experience, our history, and our 4D process.

Solar Monitoring

Solar MonitoringSolar monitoring enables you to make the most of your clean energy system by providing web views that show you information such as how much electricity you are generating, what the temperature and irradiance conditions are, and what quantities of greenhouse gases  you are avoiding. These views let you, your staff and your community see how the system is performing. This visibility is useful for marketing and education as well as for operations and maintenance purposes.

See several of our client sites, and click on them to view a sample of the Solar Monitoring AEC performs and supplies!*


Photovoltaic energy is the conversion of the sun’s light directly into electricity through a photovoltaic (PV) cell, often referred to as a solar cell. The cell itself is the basis of a PV system. One cell cannot provide adequate power for most applications, but many cells can be placed together to form modules; modules are connected to form arrays that produce power. Because arrays are dependent on sunlight, climate conditions have a great effect on the amount of energy received by an array and on its performance.

See our subsidiary company operated by AEC  – Solar Universe Upstate NY!

AEC is also a NYSERDA / NABCEP approved Solar Electric/Solar Thermal installer!